Coconut Ice Cream

This coconut ice cream recipe is one of my absolute favourite desserts. Not because it’s a healthier alternative to regular ice cream, but because it’s DELICIOUS. It’s creamy, sweet and perfect to top however you like. This recipe doesn’t require an ice cream maker either, all you need are some ice cube trays, a freezer and a blender. It is a great dairy free option if you are lactose intolerant, but we eat it because it is just sooo good!


To make this ice cream you need canned coconut milk (not the stuff from milk cartons.) The coconut milk gives the ice cream a natural sweetness, and makes it super creamy. A little added sweetness from maple syrup and voila!


I love making this ice cream a plain vanilla flavour and then topping it with lots of goodies. Fresh fruit, like raspberries and strawberries are delicious and incredibly refreshing. I also love a few semi sweet chocolate chips or cacao nibs too. Almond butter or cashew butter are also a delicious toppings I like to add (I know shocking right?).

What Are Cacao Nibs?

Cacao nibs are an ingredient that I have been recently introduced to that I am obsessed with. I love dark chocolate, and chocolate tasting things. Cacao nibs are cocoa beans that have been fermented and crushed into little nibs. Aside from tasting delicious, they also contain lots of good nutrients including fiber and iron. As well as antioxidants, which are chemical compounds that “protect” your cells. Lastly, cacao nibs are one of the best sources out there for magnesium. We need this nutrient for chemical reactions in our body. So basically to sum up, they’re super good for you:p Here are the ones I buy.

How to Make the Ice Cream?

All you need to do to make the ice cream is mix the ingredients together and then pour the mixture into ice cube trays and throw them in the freezer. Leave them in the freezer for 4+ hours or until completely frozen. I would recommend eating it the same day you make it so it doesn’t get crystallized.

Once you are ready to eat your yummy dessert, throw the ice cream cubes into a food processor or blender and blend for a few minutes and let it get creamy. I like to add a few tablespoons extra of milk to help blend it and get the creamy texture we’re looking for.

Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

Serves: 4-6 Prep time: 10 minutes Freeze: 4+ hours


  • 1 can of coconut milk
  • 1/3 C unsweetened almond milk*
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 4 tbsp maple syrup
  • around 4+ tbsp milk to blend.

*I use almond milk but any kind of milk would work.


  1. Mix all your ingredients in a medium size bowl.
  2. Once combined pour mixture into ice cube trays and put in freezer.
  3. When ready to serve, put ice cream cubes into food processor and blend for a minute.
  4. Mix the ice cream and add a few tablespoons of milk of choice if needed to get a creamier texture. Add a couple tablespoons at a time to reach your desired texture.
  5. Once you’ve reached the perfect consistency serve into your ice cream bowl and load it with all the toppings! Or enjoy it on its own. Both are delicious.


per 1/4 of the recipe without toppings

Calories: 208 Total fat: 14g Saturated fat: 13g Sodium: 331mg Carbohydrates: 17g Sugar: 16g Protein: 3g

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One thought on “Coconut Ice Cream

  1. Made this with a little variation. Coconut raspberry ice cream. I used everything you mentioned plus added some frozen raspberries. So yummy! Awesome idea for a sweet treat!


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